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Your first step towards finding a building plot should be to work out your requirements - the size and design of the house, the amount of land wanted, the location and how much you can afford to spend.
We at Evia-Real-Estate can offer you all neccesary assistance in finding the one that exactly fits into your plans. Legal requirements, water, electricity, exact boundaries, building permissions... All the plots in our portfolio are fully researched. Many sizes are available, in different areas, with beautiful views of the mountains, valleys, and coasts of beautiful Evia. Plots are often difficult to illustrate in pictures, so please consider visiting us.

Take a look at our selection, this is only a small example of all the options that we can offer you.
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The following rules apply in Greece:

in the villages it's rather uncomplicated to build a house. On small lots you usually are allowed to use 60% to 70% of the lot to build on.

Community area:
Some villages give authorisation to build in an area up to 500 meters outside of the village borders according to the community plan. In this case it must have a minimum of 2000 square meters of construction ground to do so.

In the country:
If the above mentioned categories are not applicable to your building plot and the property is not situated right next to the national road you must have atleast 4000 square meters to get a building permit.

You must always have authorisation from the Forest Commission and the plot must have access to an existing road. In order to get permission you must present detailed plans to the Commission to enable them to judge whether your building plans are in harmony with its surroundings and that it can and will be built according to all applicable rules of safety. Different rules apply to building plots near the sea .

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