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Although I’m a Celtics fan I would purchase the 10-game ticket plan for the Braves and got to see some wonderful basketball. I did attend many Buffalo Braves games during their tenure in the Queen City. After the Braves left Buffalo we would go to Toronto a couple of times a year to see the Raptors. The year also brought defeats by Ireland and Bangladesh in a World Cup won by India, who went on to whitewash England 5-0 back home. No other players look likely to play a role in future England teams, with Roger Johnson the best outside shot in the event of a centre-back crisis. Arsenal do not have many English players in their squad but the three they do have all managed to break into the England squad. The fact that the funds raised will go to kids in Denmark is a great way for me on behalf of all the players at Manchester United to say thank you for the support we receive from the Danish people. To have the fans by my side is always a great feeling, especially when you come to a new club, because you need to feel comfortable straight away, and I’m sure the fans will give me that feeling.

The green and gold were in Seattle, and those are the fans to whom Sonics history means something, regardless of who owns it legally, or, if the NBA puts another team there, what the new team is called. Regardless of where you think the Senators’ history belongs, it apparently means more to Washingtonians than to Minnesotans or Texans. And while the Ravens, the St. Louis Rams, and the Indy Colts have all won their own trophies since, to the delight of their fans, that SB V trophy means the most in Baltimore, regardless of where it resides now. I remember reading that when Carroll Rosenbloom traded the Colts for the Rams, he kept the Lombardi Trophy that his team won in Super Bowl V. It was his property, but that didn’t mean that anybody else in LA (or St. Louis now) would feel any pride in that trophy. And if we say that teams can only throw back within their franchise’s history, does that mean they can’t do Negro League or minor league unis? We sold Bobby Wanzer basketball uniforms for his teams at Fisher. How would that have looked if your New Orleans basketball franchise had an emblem for the largest polluter in US history?

How would the New York Knicks looked in 2009 with a NYSE logo? New York is an especially odd case because two NL teams left, so there wasn’t one legacy for the Mets to latch onto, and choosing one would have alienated fans of the other. If you go ahead with this decision, I will not spend another dime on anything related to the NBA nor will I continue to support the team that has decided to eliminate this connection with the fans. The business side. The side of the team ownership. After all has been said and done, I come down (slightly) on the side of Ricko, but that doesn’t mean Jerry hasn’t made excellent points. In terms of throwbacks, I think they mean more to the city than the franchise. Even though he’s sixty-six, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t always been funny. Based on the kit from the title-winning 1988-89 season, Adidas somehow managed to make the 2019-20 update even better than the original. This kit is all about manufacturer Kelme, a tiny Spanish company more known for its cycling apparel that supplied shirts for European football giants. One more point to consider…

Flamengo wore this red-and-black hooped shirt for one of the most successful periods in their history as they dominated the Campeonato Carioca and won the Brazilian Championship, the Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup for the first time. They won their first major tournament that summer and went on to win two more trophies, the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000, in kits heavily influenced by this one. 90s. This was a special design that was only worn during the World Cup finals, and it worked as Romania made it all the way to the quarterfinals in their best showing at the tournament. The store I worked for sold many, many basketball uniforms local high schools, colleges and church-league teams during my years there. I worked for one of Rochester’s premier sporting goods stores from 1967-88. Through my work I met former owner-coach Lester Harrison, Bobby Wanzer, Bobby Davies, Arnie Risen, Arnie Johnson, Al Cervi and George Glamack.